Licensing Requirements

How many courses are required to obtain a Real Estate Salesperson license in Connecticut?”

Completion of one course in classroom required: Real Estate Principles & Practices (60 hours).

How many courses are required to obtain a Real Estate Broker license in Connecticut?”

Completion of: Real Estate Principles & Practices (60 hours) Mandatory, Licensees who had completed a thirty (30) hour P & P course will need to retake a sixty (60) hour P & P course after January 1, 2014, as qualification towards broker license requirement. Your thirty (30) hour P & P will not qualify.
Broker 15 hour Principles and Practices, Mandatory, Plus 15 hour Legal Practices, Mandatory. In addition you either must have completed 20 closings, sales or leases within the last five (5) years or complete two additional fifteen (15) hour approved elective courses.

Where will classes be held?”

Licensing courses are held at the Cromwell Executive Center, 75 Berlin Road, Suite #103, Cromwell, CT.

After completion of these classes, are there any other requirements for obtaining a Real Estate Salesperson or Real Estate Broker license?”

Yes. After completing the required courses, you must apply for and pass the state exam, and for a salespersons license, obtain the sponsorship of a licensed Real Estate Broker.