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How to Measure Real Property OnDemand Course (3 Hours)


Learn the Language and Techniques of How to Accurately Classify and Measure Residential Property from a Pro

Real estate licensees, appraisers, assessors, builders, and contractors have specific methods used to measure and describe residential real property. In this engaging course, we’ll clarify the standards and pinpoint common mistakes made in measuring property. You’ll also learn the proper terminology and definitions that even the playing field between agents, appraisers, and lenders who use this value-laden information for many of the decisions made concerning a property. Learn to talk the same talk while more accurately representing the home, as well as enhancing the value you bring to your client with this knowledge.

It begins with the proper way to measure a house—where to start and what to include. You will learn the distinctions between above-grade and below-grade floor areas and other often misunderstood and miscalculated areas. The challenges of calculating attics, lofts, and low ceilings will be addressed. You’ll also learn how to deal with detached rooms, sunrooms, and other hard-to-classify and measure rooms. The course will also explain the industry standards for qualifying room counts, bedrooms, and bathrooms.