I had such a great time in class

“I had such a great time in class and getting to know both of you. You both did an excellent job teaching us and also relating the material to real life situations. I felt prepared going into the test. R.W ”

Professional presentation

“I was very surprised at the professional presentation of the subject matter. I soon realized that this course would be valuable to anyone in related fields, not just those seeking a career in real estate. Dave”

Real-life experience

“Taking textbook material and turning it into real-life experience with examples which brought up student/instructor communication aided greatly in my understanding of the material. The experience you both have in every facet of the real estate business was quite evident. The lively, open communication was very instructive and I felt comfortable asking questions knowing they could be answered. George”

I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge

“I am a dentist by profession and own income-producing properties. Even though the course was for pre-licensing I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge that allowed me to manage my properties more efficiently and at greater profit. It was amazing what I didnít know!”

Students can hit the ground running

“I love getting students from your class, because when they arrive here, they can hit the ground running. All we need to do is give them our tools. They can immediately start conducting real estate business. J.W. Broker”