Real Estate Brokers, Plan now for your 2020 Motivational Seminars.

The National Real Estate Institute is also a leader in providing motivational training to real estate professionals. Led by Executive Director Bob Allen, NREI offers in-house training seminars at any real estate office in the United States that focus on motivating the sales force to excel, focus and achieve.

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Call Bob Allen, Executive Director, for a consultation today at 860-657-5090 or toll-free in the U.S. at 1-866-344-8207. Let's sit down together and plan your 2020 Business Goals.


Agency Training

Every agency wants to increase thier bottom line. Your agents must be the best trained real estate professionals available to the consumer. Agencies nationwide can benefit from our 50-plus years of experience by utilizing our customizable in-house training and motivational sessions.

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NREI can develop a program to suit your needs.

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